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Meg Benedicte

Meg’s Mission

International Quantum Healer and Ascension Activator, Meg Benedicte

Sacred Ceremonies for the New Earth Timeline

Are you feeling called to perform Sacred Ceremony at Gaia’s power portals? I heard the call during the momentous 2012 to move to Mount Shasta (Gaia’s Root Chakra) and perform sacred ceremony, activating a new phase of my Soul Mission. I am being strongly guided to perform Quantum Access® Activations with ArchAngel Metatron at certain earth grid portals, ley lines and power portals.

As an angelic guardian WalkIn, my Soul purpose is unfolding in a strategic initiation of the ancient golden triangle weaving the past ancient Starseeded Zep Tepi realm in Giza Pyramid complex (Throat Chakra), with the present earth plane of Mount Shasta (Root Chakra) and the future Golden Age at Glastonbury (Hearth Chakra). As Weavers of Realities, we are being called to unite and animate the golden triangle grid of the New Earth Timeline.

In 2019 I was called to lead a Soul Group to Glastonbury, Stonehenge and Avebury in sacred circles of transformational activations. In March 2023 I traveled to Egypt and activated the ancient Starseeded Zep Tepi gateways and grid. In July 2023 I led a 777 Gateway Retreat in Mount Shasta, CA to link, weave and electrify the Golden Grid of the New Earth. It is my sacred mission to awaken and activate Gaia’s shift into the Golden Age.

I invite you to join our growing Soul Tribe at these sacred sites and

birth alive a new world paradigm.

Group Ceremony, Transmissions, Quantum Access® Meditations & Ascension Activations led by Meg Benedicte

Meg Benedicte