Are you meant to join me in Egypt?

Meg Benedicte


I want to share a very unique opportunity with you. I will be embarking on a 12-day ceremonial journey into mystical Egypt this coming fall from September 25 – October 8, alongside four other extraordinary luminaries.

The purpose of this expedition is to convene as stewards of profound insight, as emissaries of a transcendent cosmic wisdom, and masters of the art of penetrating the veils of existence.

We will enter into Egypt’s temples of light ceremoniously with reverence and unwavering purpose. We will assemble as venerated luminaries amidst a fellowship of sage scholars and truth-seekers entrusted with the sacred capacity to embody and translate this ancient wisdom.

Our mandate is clear: to serve as living vessels of revitalized ancestral technologies, disseminating these sacred codes for the advancement of humanity’s spiritual evolution.

As we traverse multidimensional thresholds, we will undergo a sanctified initiation into the guardianship of divine truths, forever transformed by the sacred rite. As ego yields to the sublime, we swiftly synchronize with elevated states of collective consciousness, poised to extend our service to humanity.

Empowered by our shared journey, the mission of this retreat extends into harnessing diverse media platforms to amplify our collective resonance, unleashing a tidal wave of awakening

across the global consciousness!

Each luminary has the opportunity to extend six invitations to members of their communities who may be interested in joining.

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Meg Benedicte

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