Glastonbury Retreat Performers

Meet the Glastonbury Performers who will be sharing their unique spiritual gifts and transformative experience during our Quantum Access Beltane Retreat.

Jessika Lovell

Immersive Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

About Jessica:

I am a woman that leads my life from the heart. 

Embodying sisterhood through my work and all that I do and ultimately, inspiring others to do the same.

Growing up, I didn’t feel like I belonged. Doubting my self-worth, struggling with relationships and unknowingly projecting my trauma and pain onto my life and reality.

After the birth of my daughter, I found a passion in guiding pregnant women through their pregnancies and birth, working as a doula and hypnobirthing teacher.

After receiving the guidance and divine intervention of some key medicine women, I began to find healing and started to walk the spiritual path.

It was here that I found sisterhood and felt the call to share my healing practices with others.

I believe in a holistic approach to healing that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. I work in ceremony and my sessions are tailored to the unique needs of each individual, and may include sound healing, reiki, meditation, and other modalities. My goal is to create a safe and nurturing space where you can release what no longer serves you, and discover your true potential.

I have been trained and mentored by some highly experienced practitioners and hold certification in Usui Reiki, Sound Healing, facilitating, Hypnobirthing and Trauma Informed Doula.

Elsa Field

Sacred Sound Healing

About Dr. Elsa:

PhD Scientist, Priestess of Avalon & Sacred Sound, and devotional musician.

My joy and passion is to guide women to come home to be the Divine Channels that they naturally are.

Drawing on an ancient Priestess path of the Temple Singer & Musician, our community is on a divinely guided mission to reawaken the lineage of the Priestess Sound Healer – the Priestess of Sacred Sound – for the modern day.

A lifelong musician, my journey began as a classically trained vocalist and recording artist. I have been developing the sacred practices of the devotional singer for the past ten years within the healing lineage of Avalon.

Weaving herstory, sound healing, ceremony & sound science, I am the creatrix of transformational group & 1:1 programmes that empower you to unlock your own devotional voice and service as a Priestess of Sacred Sound.

Sandy Woehrle

Breathwork, Body Movement

About Sandy:

I am dedicated to the study of holistic healthcare and the education of self-care. It is a passion to teach creative and innovative tools to enhance the quality of life. Being in flow with souls’ energy allows us to experience an effortless reality.

My soul’s life mission is to help create a fun attitude and environment for balancing one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies into one harmonious union. Trained and certified with over 20 years of experience in the healing arts.

My educational background includes Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Bachelor of Biology and Bachelor of Chinese Medicine, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and self-help instructor, Quantum Access Practitioner, and massage therapist.

Experience the oneness through breath, movement, and music as Sandy guides us through a meditation activation with Quantum Access and the Ancient art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Gentle movement to heart felt music with conscious breathwork we outline the main energy pathways of the body. Visualizing the quantum vortex on specific Jin Shin Jyutsu safety energy locks will unlock what no longer serves our highest good and allows us to move forward on to our path of light.

Count me in!