Spend 5 days in Sacred Ceremony and Ley Line Activations at Glastonbury, Stonehenge and Avebury!

You are invited to join International Quantum Healer and Ascension Activator, Meg Benedicte’ at the sacred site of Glastonbury, Somerset, UK for a 5 Day Beltane Retreat. Join the Family of Light for the powerful

Beltane Activations at Gaia’s Heart Chakra.

Step onto the Michael/Mary ley lines and activate your Soul’s Light Body & Blueprint for living as a Divine Human in the New Earth. It is Meg’s sacred mission to awaken and activate Gaia’s shift into the Golden Age. If you feel a similar purpose and mission, Meg invites you to join our growing Soul Tribe at these sacred sites and birth alive a new world paradigm!

“Meg & New Earth Central are changing the planet by helping you move into your ‘Soul Led Life’! I knew nothing of Meg or her mission, yet I signed up for her retreat from the prompting of my own intuition. I didn’t know what to expect. After spending 4 days with Meg & her Team, I feel I have a tool that will easily accelerate me to create the beautiful abundant life I desire to live. I have been on my spiritual path for years AND this wonderful woman has given me the key to taking a much faster & easier road. I am super excited & deLIGHTed to have found Quantum Access.” 


Meg Benedicte

Come with Us!

Retreat Ticket provides attendance to the 5 Day Event activities. See Registration for more details.

Join Meg Benedicte in Glastonbury!

Join Meg Benedicte in Glastonbury for the annual Celtic pagan festival of Beltane, a celebration of vibrant spring, nature’s wild abundance and fertility. In Celtic pagan tradition, the Beltane festival on May 1st is a celebration of the

Sacred Marriage

(heiros gamos) between the Goddess of Spring or May Queen and the Green Man or May King.

Beltane is a feast of nature’s bounty, potent with abundant fertility, music, singing and dancing around the Maypole. Dancers weave ribbons into complex patterns around a tall pole garlanded with greenery or flowers, to celebrate youth and spring time. A popular Beltane tradition involves ‘jumping the broomstick’, when a handfast couple jumps over a broom laid on the floor to symbolize jumping a ‘threshold’,

moving from an old life to a new one.

On this momentous May Day of 2024, we will celebrate the pagan ritual of Beltane at Glastonbury… opening, expanding and filling our hearts with divine Soul essence. Beltane is a potent time for bringing hopes, dreams and aspirations to life. Let’s sprinkle some Beltane magic on our New Earth visions and intentions!

Group Ceremony, Transmissions, Quantum Access® Meditations & Ascension Activations led by Meg Benedicte

Meg Benedicte
Meg Benedicte

5 Day Mystical Beltane Retreat also includes:

  • Beltane sunrise ceremony at the Tor, local parade and festivities

  • Glastonbury Sacred Sites and Ley Line Group Activations

  • Power Rituals at Chalice Wells, White & Red Springs, Magdalene Chapel and Glastonbury Abbey

  • Day Trips in Sacred Circle Activations at Stonehenge and Avebury stone circles

  • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing & Sound Bath Immersion

  • Somatic Body Movement

  • Personal time – resting, healing & processing, eating, shopping

  • Quantum Access® Meditation mp3 download, Retreat Journal Workbook and more magic!

JANUARY 31, 2024

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